This is our pro range of tents and we think this is the Rolls Royce of Bell Tents in the UK, please read more here to let us explain why. We have included every possible thing you would require making sure you have the best tent money can buy. If you want to glamp and want a Bell Tent, then get the best Bell Tent you can buy.


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320gsm 100% Cotton Canvas Mildew/UV resistant/Waterproof
0.6m Sidewalls
3.0m Center Height
Double door height:1.6M
Groundsheet 540G PVC/ Zipper Detachable Floor
2 internal Pockets
Stove Jack Hole
High Quality Zips
Premium Ropes
Wooden Toggles
Electric Hook-Up Opening 
4 Screened Windows,
2 Zippered Doors With Mesh
Steel Poles, Spring Loaded
Colour Matched Mesh All-round
High-Quality Steel Tent Pegs 
Oversized Carry Bag 



What Makes Our Tents Different?

Asking what makes our tents different is like asking what makes a Rolls Royce different to a standard family car. We have identified everything that is wrong with standard, cheaper bell tents and fixed it in our range of luxury tents.


The Pockets

If you have ever been camping in a particularly dark place you will appreciate how hard it is navigating your way around a tent - even with a torch. Finding small items like keys and mobile phones can feel near on impossible. (Or if like me, you have packed your tent away and remembered the keys are still in the tent. You will find two pockets in all our tents so you can keep valuables safe and sound.)


The Toggles

The Vintage Tent Company use long lasting, wooden toggles on all our bell tents much like the orginal and best design. Not only for functionality but also because they look ten times better than plastic ones.


The Zippable Electric Hookup Flap

As much as you might want to get back to nature there is still probably going to be the need for an electric hook up. You will have noticed that most bell tents are all made from one large piece of material, so where does that leave your hook up wire going? Through the door! As this could let in all manner of other things that will make you feel like you are on a bush tucker trial, we have a specialised flap for the electrical hook ups. This will make sure you can get your wire through without letting anything undesirable in or out.


The Flue Hole

There is nothing like camping with a fire in your tent. If you want to extend your season and be all roasty toasty and have a wood burner in your tent! Then you will need a hole for the flue. Unless you are an expert in sewing and you make it yourself, which will take you hours and hours. Plus, you will need to find the matching canvas for the cover. We have done all the hard work for you. We have designed it with high quality cover so it still looks luxurious when not in use.


The Ropes

Another place where standard tent companies tend to cut corne