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Bell Tent Size Guide


Bell tents come in four different sizes. 4m,5m,6m & 7m. Each different size has different specifications when it comes to weight, space needed and pole length.


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Centre pole


4m = 250cm

5m = 300cm

6m = 350cm

7m = 400cm


Pole diameter


4m & 5m = 32mm

6m & 7m = 35mm




4m = 13.1ft

5m = 16.4ft

6m = 19.6ft

7m = 22.9ft




4m = 28kg

5m = 35kg

6m = 47kg

7m = 58kg


Area needed to erect


4m = 6m/36m²

5m = 7m/49m²

6m = 8m/64²

7m = 9m/81²

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