It all started with a young boy and his love of camping...

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all started with a young boy and his love of camping. From the young age of 4, the creator of the vintage tent company Steve was taken on regular camping trips. His growing appreciation for camping and all things outdoors led him into Adulthood wanting more from the overall camping experience.


Then he discovered bell tents. The bell tent or ‘Sibley tent’ was invented by American military officer Henry Hopkins Sibley in 1856. His design radicalised traditional tents by being supported by a central pole that telescopes down into a tripod. Not only does this give the campers more ground space but it also makes the tent much easier to erect and pack.


Being introduced to the bell tent swiftly changed Steve from a camping fan to a camping fanatic but there was still something missing he couldn’t quite put his finger on. After owning 5 different bell tents with a number of different issues Steve decided to reimagine the bell tent and improve on what he saw were imperfections that ruined the camping experience. Aiming to create the ‘Rolls Royce’ of bell tents and make sure people buying them glamp rather than tramp, Steve deconstructed the bell tent, took everything he didn’t like about it and changed every single little niggle he had.


You will find hidden extras in our tents that you will not find anywhere else on the market. How many times have you been camping and cursed the electric hook up for needing to go somewhere terribly inconvenient that has a huge gaping hole that lets in bad weather and god knows what else? Well, our individually designed tents have a zippable electric hook up to stop this ruining your experience. Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to have a wood burner in your tent? We have a flue hole so you can do this safely and practically.


These small issues are ones that Steve felt he needed to solve when he started his own camping company, but there was also one huge issue he wanted to address. While the traditional bell tent used to be always canvas, many other materials like cotton have slipped into the ever-growing market. Cheap imitations made in materials like cotton are ugly and smelly and stay creased no matter how hard you try not to crease them. If they get wet it is unlikely they will fully dry out for the duration of your trip and they are well known for being prone to leaks. 


See why our tents are different from the rest click here 


100% canvas tents not only look beautiful and are incredibly durable, but they are quick and simple to erect. So even if you are a first-time camper, you can turn your can’t into CANvas!

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