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How to turn camping into glamping!

is here and that means camping season.

For many the task of dusting off the old, mouse eaten, cramped and hardly fit for purpose backpacking tent and working out how you are going to fit everyone and their kit into it is a nightmare.

But it doesn’t need to be like this. What if we told you camping could be a relaxing, luxury and fun experience? This is where glamping comes in, an exciting alternative to the camping blues.

“Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with "traditional" camping.” - Wikipedia

In this guide we tell you how to turn boring old camping into an awesome glamping trip.


Just like any camping trip, planning is key to successful glamping.

Once you are out in the sticks, if you have forgotten that key item…let’s say the tent, it is a long trip back to get it.

You can either start by creating a detailed schedule and then create a list of items you will need to carry out that schedule. Or you can simply create a list detailing everything you think you will need from start to finish.

This list is likely to include the essentials, below we detail the luxury touches that will make your trip extra special.

The Centre Piece – Luxury Bell Tent

If you don’t have a tent that you aren’t camping!

The major difference between camping and glamping is the tent you use. Making the move from a cramped tent designed for backpacking to a large, roomy and quality tent will make an immediate impact to the look and feel of your camp site.

When choosing a glamping tent you want to think about how much space you need, not as a minimum, but to comfortably fit those camping with you and all the equipment you will bring.

Made from quality materials, our large and luxurious 6m pro ZIG bell tent provides ample space for a small family to glamp it up in style. A smaller tent may be more suited towards a solo or duo glamping mission, such as the 4 m pro ZIG bell tent.


Now we have a luxury bell tent sorted and packed safely into the boot of the car we need to establish the essentials and how we can give these that extra glamping sparkle.


Does camping make you think of thin, uncomfortable camping mats and sore backs?

This isn’t what glamping is about. In fact, glamping beds can be as, if not more comfortable than the bed you have at home. By using materials you can easily transport by car such as roll up mattresses you turn your luxury bell tent into a home away from home.

Adding a little extra luxury will make this a truly relaxing experience. Try applying some glamping accessories such as beautifully designed and crafted duvets, cushions and pillows.


You will also need to sort seating for during the days, for eating, relaxing and generally lounging around.

When camping this usually means sitting on the hard ground or on flimsy camping chairs. For the almighty glamper things are a little different. Bring a few comfy chairs or bean bags with you and setting them up in your bell tent or the surrounding camp.


Food is always a highlight of any camping trip. However, when glamping you don’t want to be pulling your delicious treats out of a grubby old cold box.

Instead add a little extra class to your dining experience by transporting your picnic in a super hamper and fill it with your favourite wines and artisan foods.

Finishing Touches

For a true glamping experiences you will want to add a number of small finishing touches to your campsite. These can really be anything that give the site that extra feeling of luxury.

For example, hanging bunting, lights and flooring will complete the look and feel you are looking for.

It is clear that camping doesn’t have to be the drab experience we all imagine it to be. Adding a bit of glamping sparkle will ensure your break will be a memorable one. Taking on board the tips we have outlined in this article, from selecting a luxury bell tent as your temporary home to taking care of the finishing touches will help you go from camper to glamper in no time.

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