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A perfect set up for anyone looking to set up the nicest manageable glamping site. 

The quickest way for return on investment over any other Glamping Pods or buildings.

For the same price of the cheapest pod on the market you will get 3 x 5m pro Bell Tents a High spec LPG shower and a High Spec composting loo unit, 3 full Coir Mats, and Woodburing Stoves. 

That will put you into a profit situation with a month rather than years and years. Read my blog for more information Click Here 

Save your money 


Speak to our glamping specialist partner, who will obtain all the licences and help you find clients 


3 x 5m Pro Bell Tents  (click to view)

3 x Woodburners and fitting kits (click to view)
3 x Full Coir Mats 4.9m (click to view)
1 x High Spec Composting Loo (click to view)

1 x One High LPG Shower Unit (click to view)


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Standard Spec Small Glamping Site Bundle

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