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Various kinds of Camping to spend your holidays

If you also want to keep yourself away from living in the city, working or get rid from a hectic schedule, it is time to go for a camping. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of nature without worrying about the time. However, everyone has a different opinion about camping as they don’t have same level of fondness of nature.

luxury camping tent


Luckily, various kinds of camping have been invented understanding people’s choice. So, whether you are the person who cannot live without hot bubble bath or who has a habit to sleep in a comfy bed. You can choose luxury camping according to your choice. A camping can be defined on the level of roughing it that should be performed when on holidays. Here are some popular kinds of camping:

Glamping is the modern form of camping with the blend of glamour in it and known as luxurious holiday camping. This is a modern way of glamping that includes top-class features to make you comfortable. For instance, people who are glamping can live in ultimate bell tents that come in various sizes like 4M pro ZIG Bell tents, 5M pro ZIG Bell tents with amazing luxury camping furniture. In fact, there are various sites that are connected to different sites for outdoor activities.

Bell Tents

This type of camping is that in which most people spend sleep and spend the nights under the stars. Bell tent camping is an amazing way to enjoy the beauty of nature closely because you can listen to sounds of animals and witness beauty of landscapes near you even when you are in your luxury camping tents. You can easily choose the location to fix your luxury camping tent that is nearby running water, in the mid of mountains, anywhere you want.


Another form of adventurous camping is wilderness. You need to set off with only a small pack of emergency provisions and maybe an ultimate bell tent. You deliberately choose to avoid modern luxuries like running water. Generally, wilderness campers want to find places to spend the night like a cave or can build their own shelter like bell tents. Sometimes, you can hunt and collect food based on the rules for the park where you are trekking.

Recreational Vehicle

RV camping is another way of camping to travel and enjoy all the camping sites that nature has to offer with the amazing comfort like home. There are various sites that offer RV so that you can have electricity and running water. Many people prefer recreational vehicle so they can take their table chairs, Vintage Kantha quilts, beds and many more. In addition to it, there is no bell tent to set up and you don’t have to worry about setting up a camp fire as you can cook in wood-burning stove with flashing kit. In fact, you can park under tall trees in a calm forest or next to the beach and listen to the tide come in.



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