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Showers units are pressure treated outdoor timber with corrugated steel panels, the base is 38mm thick green treated deck boards. The shower is LPG gas-powered and is activated by water flow. The door has a shelf for toiletries and clothes hanging hooks with a shower rail and curtain to keep clothes dry while showering enabling the unit to be used as a changing room. The one in the Picture has no roof, as this was specified by the client, however, we suggest a roof like the toilet unit.

They come in a choice of 7 colours or we can customise.


They come with copper pipes and a soaking shower heads 


They come in 7 parts that we make off-site and you can distal with a full instruction video. Or we can install, or we offer a delivery and installation service too.


  • 5lts per min - Gas LPG Propane

  • 1 Years Manufacturers Warranty

  • CE Certified

  • 1 Years Manufacturers technical support

  • 5 Part Spray gun

  • Connectors, Gas Regulator LPG & Gas hose

  • Outside use only
    LPG - 37500 Btu - 80-150 degrees

  • Gallons per Min 1.3

  •  No pilot. Ignition  Activates when water  flows                         

  • Minimum Flow Rate of 0.3 Litres Per Minute
    Needs 20-40 PSI of water pressure

The overall weight of each unit is 220kg


These are made to order 


Standard LPG Shower Unit

  • We can deliver flat-packed or we offer a full delivery and installation service 

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