Based on the classic design of a tripod, the Classic is a simple yet effective design that sits well in any setting. Accessorise with our Half Moon BBQ Rack for barbecuing. The leg height may be adjusted within reason if required.

This item is in great demand and has a lead time of 15/20 days 



NB: All our fire pits and lids will begin to rust immediately and will not maintain their black finish. However, this will not affect their long-term durability.

Please Note: Our Flat Table Top Lids are 10cm larger than the actual size of the fire pit you purchase. The 5cm all round overhang allows for rainwater to drip to the ground rather than into your fire pit. For purchasing, for an 80cm fire pit you order an 80cm lid however, this will measure approx 89cm, a 70cm fire pit requires a 70cm lid which will measure 79cm) and so on.

Classic Fire Pit