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Four Unique Ideas For Camping Events

Make Your Glamping A Proper Event With Any of These Great Activities

Sometimes, a camping trip may call for a little more activity. Perhaps it’s a birthday celebration, or you are camping with friends and want to do more than take walks and chat over the campfire. We have some top activities and themes to make your camping trip a lot more memorable.

Murder Mystery Camping

Add a bit of mystery to your camping trip with a murder mystery game. Get all dressed up, take on your characters and spend the afternoon collecting clues and sussing out 'who done it'.

The easiest way to host a murder mystery is to buy a game pack. This will provide you with invitations that will include character guides for each guest. They’ll be asked to dress up too, which really adds to the experience. Kits also include your scripts, evidence and clues.

Murder Mystery games are especially great because you can play parts, then take breaks to eat or catch up, so they’re very flexible. Most murder mystery game will work just fine within a camping setting, although some suggest providing a meal that fits with the theme which could be more challenging in the great outdoors. Check out this camping themed murder mystery game -

Sports Day

You’re already outside so why not get sporty?

Sports days can be fun for the family, fun with friends and great for hen or stag dos too. Plus, they require minimal effort. Sports days, as an adult, take you back to your school years in all the best ways. Even if you weren’t a sports day fan as a child, rest assured it’s far funnier as an adult!

The trick is to pick all the silliest races. The sack race, the egg and spoon, the wheelbarrow race and the bean bag race are firm favourites. We recommend closing the game with the dressing up race. Each team will need a box of dressing up clothes. Go for really ridiculous items! Players must run to the box, put on each article on top of their clothing, then run back and take them off so that their teammate can do the same, and so on. Our top tip - pick your referee well. You might find you all get a bit competitive.

BBQ Cook-Off

Make a meal of it and turn your BBQ into a friendly competition. 

This is a great activity if you’re going away with friends and other families. Why not put your burgers to the test with a good old cook-off. Prepare and cook your pattie with your own unique blends of herbs and spices. Then, assemble with your choice of garnishes. Kids can make great unbiased judges and they’re famously blunt for their opinions on food.

Cook-offs are a lasting tradition in the US and Australia, but it’s a growing trend in the UK. You can also host a chilli cook-off, but we’re not sure we recommend spicy food for overnight camping.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

What could be more magical than a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the woods? Recreate the classic scene from Alice in Wonderland, in the perfect setting. Find a clearing for your party table and then make it an adventure by placing ‘this way’ ‘that way’ signs along the route - in all the wrong places of course, and upside down and back to front. This is the perfect opportunity to eat LOTS of cake - it’s your duty. After all, it’s part of the theme. A teapot is essential to the experience, but if you’re making your party a little more adult, then you could always fill it with Long Island Iced Tea. You can get some great kits to make decorating super easy, such as this one Or you can do it yourself. The key is making sure nothing matches and it's all a bit mad! We recommend passing around some rabbit ears, a top hat and an Alice band to really complete the fairytale.

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