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Canvas Dreams: how to sleep better when camping

Sleep like a baby

We know that the term ‘camping’ doesn’t get everyone excited. Cramped tents, bad food and the lingering sense of damp certainly doesn’t seem like the perfect holiday to most.

That is why here at The Vintage Tent Co, it is our mission to make camping a fun, enjoyable and luxurious experience. We want people to get excited when they think about spending the night outdoors, not terrified at the prospect. We do this by providing quality and luxurious bell tents along with everything else you may need to make your camping experience memorable for the right reasons.

Ask anyone what puts them off camping and a top answer will certainly be “lack of sleep”. That is why we have put together this guide to help you understand how to get a better night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

Create a peaceful & comfortable environment

Our environment ultimately has a huge impact on how we act and feel. Although we may not actively notice the impact, a peaceful and comfortable environment is going to put you at ease and generate a better quality of sleep.

To do this, a little consideration is required.

Usually, camping consists of a tent just about big enough for your bed and to cram in a few bags. Using a roomy tent, like one of our large luxurious bell tents, you allow yourself enough space to move about freely and create a comfortable environment to live in.

You can then fill that space both with practical items such as chairs tables and storage as well as other items that make the environment more relaxing such as lighting, bunting and rugs.

Taking some time to arrange the interior of your bell tent in a way that makes most sense to you will go a long way to helping you relax and ultimately get a better night’s sleep.

Scrap the flimsy sleeping mat

Has anyone had a truly good night’s sleep on a flimsy, thin sleeping mat thrown onto the hard ground?

…we doubt it.

For those that want to get a better night’s sleep when camping, using a more substantial, comfortable and supportive bed will help. Depending on your ability to transport these items, this can range from good quality air mattress through to actual, large king sized beds.

To make your camp bed even more tempting and sleep inducing, try layering it with beautiful throws and rugs, using extra blankets is also important for those camping in colder months, allowing you to snuggle down and really enjoy your sleep.

Go caffeine free

It may come as no surprise to you that the excessive consumption of caffeine leads to sleep issues. This is no different when you are on holiday and sleeping outdoors.

Instead of downing your fourth cup of campfire coffee, a few hours before you go to bed try drinking a caffeine free tea. Doing this regularly, not only gives your body time to get rid of the caffeine stimulant but sets a routine marker, telling your body that you will soon be ready to go to sleep.

If you really can’t cope without your cup of coffee, try drinking decaf or halving the quantity you drink in the build-up to bed time.

Natural noises

For those that are used to sleeping in the towns or city, there is no denying that the sounds around you when camping can seriously impact the quality of sleep. Everything from rustling leaves to the sound of owls settling in the trees can seem amplified when you are lay in your comfortable bell tent with the lights out.

Although there is no way to stop these noises (if only we had the power to silence nature on demand). We can use ear plugs to block out the majority of the noises we hear outside. By using silicone earplugs instead of the foam alternatives you remove any discomfort you feel from prolonged use.

Of course, if like us you find the sound of nature relaxing, then scrap the ear plugs and just enjoy the experience.

Quality of sleep is a real concern to those that want to get into the great outdoors and make memories. By following the tips we have highlighted above you will be able to relax better and enjoy the experience of getting in touch with nature. A few simple changes to your camping experience such as the use of a roomy bell tent, comfortable bed and limiting the impact of caffeine and noise will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

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