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Can I Take My Dog Glamping?

Can you take your dog camping? The short answer is yes. Although each campsite sets its own rules so it’s important to check that the site allows dogs before you book. The longer answer is yes you can take your dog camping, but should you? It’s important to consider and be honest about your dog’s personality and traits. If your dog is aggressive with other dogs or nervous around lots of people they might not be suitable for a camping trip. Also, a dog that barks through the night - won’t win you any friends. However, a well-trained friendly dog can make your camping or glamping experience even more wonderful. It’s the perfect setting to spend time with your four-legged-friend, exploring the countryside together. Whether it’s just the two of you or whether they’re coming as an essential member of the family, it’s quite likely that your dog may well enjoy the camping experience the most!

First time taking your dog camping? Why not give it a test run in the garden? That way, your dog can experience sleeping in a tent before you commit to a full weekend away. You’ll also be in an unfamiliar place, so it may be a good idea to brush up on key commands such as ‘heel’ and ‘come’ since you might find your pup overexcited to have new scenery to explore. On which note, ensuring chips and tags are up to date is essential. It’s also a good idea to check where the nearest vet to the campsite is based, and save the number. Just in case your dog decides to eat something they shouldn’t or gets anything nasty stuck in a paw. Consider where your dog is going to sleep. Dog tents are available but not right for every dog as they may prefer to be with you. Bell tents and other larger tents are great for dogs, because of the extra space and height. Some dogs also settle better if it’s possible to bring their dog bed from home.

It can be tempting, when camping, to feed your dog what you’re eating or spoil them with extra treats. It's their holiday too, right? But before you do, just consider - do you want to risk the scent of dog sick in your tent? It may best to stick to your dog's regular food.

Padding through the woods, over streams and rolling around in the countryside is a dog’s dream and let’s face it, having a dog with you on your walks just makes it so much better. So make sure you make the most of this time with your pal.

Just remember to bring lots of towels for all that mud. No matter how well behaved your dog is, they can’t take their shoes off in the tent.

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