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Are Bell Tents Eco-friendly?

If you are someone who cares about the environment, then choosing a bell tent for your camping adventures could be the best decision for eco-friendly camping. At The Vintage Tent Company, we were distressed to see the sea of plastic tents left behind at Glastenbury in 2019. In fact, over 250,000 tents were left behind at Reading, Leeds and Glastenbury combined. Unfortunately, most of these end up in landfill.

Eco-friendly Camping

Although some heavy hangovers have a fair amount to do with the abandonment of tents, it’s also the way in which these tents are sold in the first place. Advertised as ‘festival tents’, implying that they are single-use and selling them cheap enough for people to justify using them as such.

The Vintage Tent Company was established due to a love of camping and being in the great outdoors. So it’s important for us to ensure our presence in the natural world doesn’t do any damage to it.

That’s why our tents are made of 100% cotton canvas, as opposed to plastic. They are certainly not for one-time use. They are made from the highest quality materials and are built to last. Even the toggles on our pro range are made from wood instead of cheap breakable plastic. In addition, our floor mats are made of coconut husk which is biodegradable, sustainable and naturally resistant to moisture and damp. 

Campers who buy our Vintage Bell Tents are seeking out the best quality and most natural materials, balancing eco-friendliness with luxury. Given proper care, there’s no reason why your cotton bell tent couldn’t last for years and be the base for your holidays and adventures whether independently or as a family. 

And guess what! Because they’re so very easy to put up and take down, they can and absolutely should be used for festivals too. Bell tent owners are the envy of many festival-goers, being that they provide a great space to escape from both the heat and the rain when needed. Find out more about buying a bell tent here. Not ready to invest in a bell tent? There’s another option which is even more environmentally friendly, and that’s to rent one. For the less frequent camper, renting can ensure luxury without the bother of having to store your tent all year round. Also, the easiest way for us all the reduce our carbon footprint is to share more so we consume less. Find out more about renting a bell tent here.

If you love being in the great outdoors as much as we do then let’s do whatever we can to protect it.

Eco-friendly Camping

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