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7 mouth-watering camping recipes

Colourful camping food

Honestly, we can’t decide which part of camping is our favourite.

Is it long nights under the stars? Relaxing in a super comfortable and luxurious bell tent? Exploring new and exciting outdoor spaces?

One thing is for sure, we LOVE getting creative with our food and whipping up new recipes. Being in the outdoors offers new challenges and opportunities to the modern chef, an open fire and little prep space makes you think outside of your comfort zone and get a little creative.

We have cooked over our fair share of camp fires and compiled this list of 7 mouth-watering camping recipes for you to try out.

Damper bread on a stick

When you think of making bread, the last thing that comes to mind is cooking on a campfire. However, cooking damper bread on a stick is both an easy and delicious way to get some much needed carbs in after a long day of activities.

The dough is made from a few simple ingredients and can be made ahead of time to save any hassle. Simply wrap the dough around a solid stick and cook it over the fire and there you have it – campfire bread.

Enjoy: Kids love this fun recipe, giving them a chance to cook their own supper over an open fire. A healthier, savoury alternative to s’mores, try finding sticks the same thickness as sausages and after frying them push them into the hole in the bread.

Frying pan pizza pie

There is nothing better than being in the great outdoors and tucking into some true comfort food. And what better comfort food is there than a pizza pie?

We have used this recipe countless times, all simply cooked in one frying pan over the open fire. Using premade pizza dough mix makes it super easy and lets the little ones (or indeed you) get creative with their fillings.

Enjoy: Trying using some ingredients from the surrounding area to make your pizza pie extra special. However, make sure you know what you are gathering making sure it is safe to eat.

One pan English breakfast

Your camping breakfast doesn’t have to be crushed, damp cereal covered in warm milk.

We love tucking into a full English breakfast and this open pan option provides a great camping friendly alternative.

Incorporating all the great English breakfast favourites, bacon, sausage, mushroom and tomatoes, all help together by egg. You can get creative with this dish and change the ingredients up to suit tastes, it may even become a favourite over the traditional option.

Enjoy: This dish is going to be a firm family favourite. Cook it up early in the morning and let the smell waft through the doors of your luxury bell tent…it is a sure fire way to get everyone out of bed in a hurry.

Campfire banana boats

Here is one for those with a sweet tooth – campfire banana boats.

This fun dish is as simple as they come and turns a few ingredients into a delicious and unique dessert or naughty snack. Just cut down the centre of the banana, peel the skin back and fill and gap with anything that takes your fancy.

Fresh Off The Grid recommends always using a combination of something melty, something sweet and something crunchy to get a real taste sensation.

Enjoy: Fill up on one of our savoury recipes for dinner and chuck these into the dying embers of the fire for a real luxury camping pre-bedtime treat.

S’mores pudgy pie

Staying on the theme of sweet treats, we can’t talk campfire food without mentioning s’mores. But for those living it up in a luxury bell tent, surrounded by beautiful accessories, simply smashing together chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit may seem amateur.

Try this recipe that incorporates all the elements of s’mores that we love with cinnamon swirl bread for something a little more special.

Enjoy: If, like us, you don’t have a couple of ‘pie irons’ handy then try using a flat pan with the flat bottom of another flat pan on top to squash the pies. It looks a little more rustic, but that is what camping is all about.

Campfire stew

When camping in the UK, regardless of the time of year, you run every chance of being caught in less desirable weather. On these occasions a piping hot stew is going to provide you with the comfort you need to brighten up the trip.

This recipe for beef stew is a warming, tasty and easy to prepare recipe. It also allows a good amount of room for creativity, chopping and changing many of the ingredients to match your preferences.

Enjoy: On cold wet days, turn your luxury bell tent into a cosy, warm and homely space. Layer rugs and use low lighting to warm the space and service this dish piping hot with a side of damper bread.

Campfire grilled fish tacos

Camping by the sea is one of the simple pleasures in life. Opening the doors of your bell tent in the morning and breathing in the fresh sea air.

Experience the full seaside experience and cook up some grilled fish tacos. Ideally using locally caught fresh fish will give these an incredible flavour and let you taste the best the local area has to offer.

Enjoy: Cook these tacos on the beach for a real sea food experience.

We can see that camping doesn’t have to mean cold, tasteless food. Cooking over a camp fire offers budding chefs the opportunity to experiment and get creative. Preparation is key, make sure you know what you are planning to cook and make sure you take all the necessary items you need to get the job done.

Combining these mouth-watering recipes with other luxurious elements such as a spacious bell tent and hand crafted accessories will turn your camping trip into an enjoyable and most importantly memorable experience.

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