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6 tips for the ultimate 2018 summer garden party

Nothing says summer in the UK like a camp fire, a canvas tent and good times with loved ones.

In true British style, #gardenparties have always been a popular way get your friends and family together and create some fantastic memories. In fact, some recent studies suggest that 65% of us like to entertain in our outdoor areas, making it one of the most popular outdoor past times.

This fact combined with an ever increasing trend for staycations means that there has never been a better time to organise a luxurious garden party in 2018, canvas tent, professional looking #BBQ chef and all.

In this article we run through our 6 top tips for making your garden party an amazing and memorable experience, covering everything from accommodation through to keeping the kids busy.

1. Luxury Accommodation

6m pro bell tent
Add a new dimension to a party

If there is one thing you can guarantee at a British garden party it is plenty of Pimm’s and other ice cold alcoholic beverages.

With this being the case, being able to offer your guests accommodation is always a safer and much more friendly way to invite them around. To give them (and yourself if you choose) a true connection with the outdoors with a luxurious twist try setting up one or more of our high quality bell tents.

These double as shade during the hot days and are an excellent way to keep kids safe and having fun in their own personal play areas.

2. Keep Kid Busy

Happy kids happy parents

Children are the life and soul of garden parties. Provisions should be made to keep them busy, happy and safe during long hot summer days.

Traditional lawn games such as skittles, croquet and bowls are the perfect way to keep them and the adults active and entertained. When the inevitable exhaustion settles in, providing them with something a little less strenuous in the shelter of the canvas tent will calm them ready for an early night (we hope).

3. The Best Food

Our leather aprons
These are so so cool great for BBQ's

There is no better way to get a garden party going than getting some delicious food going on the BBQ.

Add to the authenticity of the event by supplying the chef with a detailed leather apron and chef’s knife roll to match. This will not only make the chef feel special but will protect their party clothes from the hot spitting food they are preparing.

4. Friendly Warmth

As the nights draw in and the air gets cooler a traditional camp fire will help your guest keep warm and encourage them to huddle together to chat the night away.

Give them somewhere to relax by scattering hand stitched cushions and comfortable chairs around the fire. If the chill really sets in a number of throws or quilts will also let your guests to really settle down and enjoy the evening.

Alternatively, by setting up a large quality canvas tent with stove jack hole you can keep your guests cosy and warm as well as protected from the elements.

5. Sweet Sounding Music

Smashing it up

To really set a party off with a bang try adding some music into the mix. This can of course be a well thought out playlist played through garden appropriate speakers.

An alternative is to invite a live musician along. Acoustic music is usually the most suitable on these occasions, meaning guests can enjoy listening whilst still being able to talk to each other and enjoy the evening.

Acoustic is especially appreciated if you have neighbours within close proximity.

6. Finishing Touches

Its the little touches that make a memory

Once the fundamentals like food, drinks and accommodation is sorted, it is the small details that will really create a fantastic ambiance that will make your garden party memorable.

These finishing touches can include anything from strategically placing gently glowing copper leaf fairy lights right through to candles scattered around the area and bunting fluttering around in the gentle summer breeze.

Taking into consideration every element of the party and how you can make it special will give a luxurious and memorable experience. Try storing your drinks in a super detailed and expertly handmade leather drinks case or customising drinking glasses for every one of your guests so they can keep track of where they last put down their drink.

It is clear that a little time and effort can make for an incredible garden party that you and your guests will never forget. Planning out every element from providing luxurious canvas tents as a secret hide out during the day and fitting accommodation during the evening to executing on thoughtful little details will create the ultimate garden party experience in your garden this year.

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