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This is our 4m Bell Tent for the boutique camper, a  super high-quality product, but without some of the features of the Pro tent. If you are not looking to run a woodburning stove, then this is the one for you.  They all come with 320 gsm 100% Cotton Canvas, Mildew/UV Resistant/ Highly Waterproofed an a zipped in Groundsheet as standard and made to our exacting standards. You won’t find a better bell tent for the money.


Watch how it goes up here

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0.6m Sidewalls

2.5m Center Height Double Door

285 GSM 100% Cotton Canvas Mildew/UV Resistant/Waterproof
Groundsheet is 540G PVC/ Zipper Detachable Floor
4 Screened Windows,
2 Zippered Doors
Spring Loaded Steel Poles 
The Best Ropes with reflector strips 
Hand Crafted Wooden Toggles 
High-Quality Tent Pegs
High-Quality Mesh
Oversized Carry Bag
High Quality Zips


The Ropes

Another place where standard tent companies tend to cut corners. The ropes may sound like a small part of the process but they are what is keeping your tent in your position.Many camping companies cut corners here, but we use the highest quality ropes on offer.


The Toggles

The Vintage Tent Company use long lasting, wooden toggles on all our bell tents much like the original and best design. Not only for functionality but also because they look ten times better than plastic ones.


The Canvas and Mesh

One of the main ways of ruining what could be perfectly good bell tent is using poor quality canvas, or even worse a different material all together coated in plastic. The materials used on cheaper bell tents do not let the tent breathe, and the material will leak and look so creased it is unsightly.

Our bell tents only use the best quality 100% cotton canvas. The canvas is the part of the tent that keeps you safe from the elements and it certainly isn’t somewhere we are prepared to compromise our quality. Other material is likely to become sweaty, damp and smelly without room to breathe but you can be sure our breathable material keeps your tent fresh, light, airy, and most of all comfortable. As for the mesh, we have also made sure the mesh is of the highest quality we can get.



The Bag

If you have ever rolled up a particularly hard to pack away tent then you will appreciate that the bag really can make the decision on what tent to buy. It’s all fun and games at the start of the holiday but when you come to go home, the kids are tired. The last thing you need is the added hassle of a tent that just does not want to go in the bag.

The Vintage Tent Company can let you in on a little secret - camping companies do this to again save money, by making the bag as small as possible they save on materials and cut costs. We do not believe in ruining the last day of our customers’ holiday just to save some money.

Our tent bags are a massive 20% bigger than most other bags. So, if you haven’t got the perfect roll you will still be able to pack away quickly and easily and be the envy of your fellow campers who are currently experiencing tears and tantrums trying to get their tent packed away.

4m Bell Tent with Zipped in Groundsheet

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